Prof. Dr. Tamara Rathcke

Professor of English Linguistics,
University of Konstanz

I have (co-)supervised a number of student projects and am still in touch with some of my graduates.

    PhD supervision:
  • Guiseppe Magistro (2019 – present, UGhent/University of Konstanz): ‘Prosodic cues to syntactic reanalysis: experimentally tracking Jespersen's cycle in progress’ (co-supervisor)
  • Siri Moen Gjersoe (2016 – 2018, University of Leipzig): Grammatical tone in Nuer. (external/extended committee member)
  • Sumio Kobayashi (2015 – 2019, University of Kent): Rhythm in speech and music (2nd supervisor)
  • Claire Nance (2013, University of Glasgow): Phonetic variation, identity and Scottish Gaelic (supervisor of the study of intonation)
    PG supervision:
  • Chiara Bellanti-Cademosti (2020, University of Kent): Sociophonetic speech production study of Northern Italian Bergamasco dialect
  • Lucy Page (2019, University of Kent): Timing of laughter in conversations
  • Elizabeth Dawkins (2019, University of Kent): Prosodic influences on VOT in English
  • Rhiannon Howell-Harris (2018, University of Kent): The social influences on phonological variation within modern British pop songs
  • Haya Alluhaybi (2017, University of Kent): Perception of the Iambic-Trochaic Law in Arabic
  • Hiroyuki Tanaka (2016, University of Kent): Acoustic and gestural analyses of political speeches for effective public speaker training in TESOL
  • Ainhoa Etxebarria Agundez (2015, University of Kent): The role of prosody in resolving syntactic ambiguities in Basque and English (1st supervisor)
  • Bethan Johns (2015, University of Kent): Intra-speaker monophthongal vowel changes in RP: An acoustic analysis of the voice of Sir David Attenborough
  • Saskia Mohd-Jeffrey (2015, University of Kent): Temporal organisation of speech and song in British and Malaysian English
  • Nicola West (2010, University of Glasgow): An examination of rhythm in the speech and music of Scottish and English composers (2nd supervisor)
    UG supervision:
  • Beth Ashcroft (2019, University of Kent): Does MLE grammar dominate UK hop-hop? A morpho-syntactic analysis of a variety of UK-based performers
  • Adam Kennedy (2018, University of Kent): Cooperative discourse under stress conditions and the effect of competition
  • Jessica Geary (2017, University of Kent): Forensic speaker recognition in speech vs. song
  • Paris Taylor (2016, University of Kent): Sveemun: the sister speech. A phonological analysis of a secret language spoken by two non-twin adult sisters
  • Aiza Mohamad (2016, University of Kent): Doug or Duck? A study into final consonant devoicing in the speech of young adults from North London
  • Helblindi Block (2016, University of Kent): /v/ not /b/ - investigating the effect of recasts accompanying from-focused instruction on native Japanese L2-English learners: perception and pronunciation of /v/ (2nd supervisor)
  • Joe Prescott (2016, University of Kent): Can music be used as a catalyst to support second language learning? (2nd supervisor)
  • Hiroyuki Tanaka (2015): Comparative phonetic analyses for L2 acquisition (1st supervisor; award for the best dissertation of the year)
  • Katie McGowan (2015, University of Kent): Investigating International Intonation: A Study into the intonational patterns of the international school students
  • Anastasia Okonta (2014, University of Kent): Are Social Network Acronyms “Lol” and “Cba” ruining spoken language?
  • Kirsty Gunn (2014, University of Kent): Stress perception in Greek and English (2nd supervisor)
  • Gemma McDonald (2010, University of Glasgow): The perception of speaker’s attitude in Scottish English
  • Elisabeth Duncan (2010, University of Glasgow): Intonational features of Italian accents in English